Time of my life in Serbia - BACK
(Published on 05/04/2011 by Ivana Babun)

Dear Basileus project, I would like to thank you for the possibilty to be part of the exchange programme at University of Niš, Serbia. As one song says, I am having the time of my life. My colleagues from Serbia have accepted me as I had been with them from the beggining of their studying. Professors along with my colleagues had helped me with everything I needed. There were questions as simple as where can I buy credit for my cell phone, and as complicated as explaining a word I didn't understand. When I came to Niš, Serbia, my colleagues have started a project called "SEF magazin" which concerns publishing a student magazine. I wrote some articles that have been published. We had some problems with collecting money for publishing the magazine. So we organized two parties in order to collect the money, Brasilian parties. To atract more people to the party, our special guest on both parties was famous Serbian soccer player in Brasil, who we have interviewed and who helped us with the publishing. I am sending you some photos so you can see my world in Serbia. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY. Sincerely, Ivana Babun

  Ghent University
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