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(Published on 08/02/2011 by Elena Stojanovska)

Everybody wants to achieve the goals in his/hers life, and tries with every single step to reach them. In accomplishing my goals I decided to take the challenging road and apply to study in another country. I was so happy when I saw that Basileus awarded me 6 months scholarship, opening the opportunity for me to study at the University of Ljubljana, to see a lot of new ideas, new points, new horizons and motivate me even more to try hard in my life. And I’m starting to drive to the door with the flag of my vision. Firstly very warm welcome at the Faculty of administration-Orientation day-presenting to us students a lot of info, how easily to manage in the new environment. Then excellent lectures, excellent organized, meeting new friends, sightseeing Ljubljana, learning about the Slovenian culture…… It impressed me the investment in huge fund of books and literature, which is available to the students. With all of that access to such a vast literature, I had a chance to elaborate a lot of topics concerned with the public administration (my field of studying), how it works in an EU country and how my country can reach that level. Another thing (among the lot of other things) that impressed me is- the Student Organization which is here always for us-the students. Student trips, parties, learning languages, sport activities and lot more. Happy to enroll in their activities:) Also they help to every student who want to work, to have all necessary information in order to choose the right job, which maybe in future will be valuable experience for the carrier and gaining work habits which are essential for every young person. Almost everywhere as a student I had discounts-eating with student coupons, than entrance in theatres, museums, gyms etc….. I am very happy that I was awarded with Basileus Scholarship and spent unforgettable 6 months at the University of Ljubljana. This scholarship taught me how to make even bigger efforts for accomplishing my ideas, to be more brave. Basileus gave me the key to unlock the doors of professional upgrade of my career and showed me how to make firm steps to the road of challenges in future. Thanks Basileus! :)

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