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The call for applications will be opened 1 November 2013. Deadline: 2 February 2014 at 23.59h.

Before applying online:
Please make sure you filled out all required fields. Only then a submit button will appear. Attention: only when you have pushed the submit button, your application is submitted. You can find information whether you filled out all required fields on the top of the form.
  • Make sure to read the eligibility criteria in order to define the mobility type you want to apply for;
  • Consider contacting the department where you would like to study: this way you will obtain more information on their study opportunities and formalities;
  • Know that for exchange students the online application form is valid for application at both home and host institution;
  • Remember that the online application forms of all Target Group 1 students will be screened and validated by the International Relations Office (IRO) or the contact person of their home university.
  • Bear in mind that all full degree seeking students, i.e. those who intend to obtain a diploma at the host university of their choice, will have to apply both online to the Basileus consortium for a scholarship, and then - if they are selected - also follow the standard individual application procedure at their host university.
  • Selected candidates cannot shift study levels after selection (meaning a Bachelor grant holder cannot switch to a Master grant holder or a Master grant holder cannot shift to a PhD grant holder). As the selection competition is per level of study - grant holders will have to reapply at the next call in this case. Therefore it is extremely important for applicants to apply for the right study level.
Call of October 2013: 
There are  270 scholarships available for this call for mobilities starting winter semester 2014.
You can consult here the overview of available scholarships.
The consortium will strive to a balanced division over all partner universities.
Please note that no additional documents are accepted after the deadline, except for additional official language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) of which you can prove that you were registered before the application deadline. Language documents are accepted until 1 week after the deadline, when the selection procedure starts. After that date we cannot guarantee that the document will be taken into account in the selection procedure.
People graduating in summer 2014 can also apply: they should mention this in their application form and upload the necessary information about previous degree and transcript of records so far. If selected, they will have to present their degree before starting the mobility. Exchange applicants should be aware that they will have to enroll at a programme at their home university before starting the mobility. Degree seeking applicants should be aware that preference can be given to applicants who can present a degree at the time of application. Deusto does not accept degree seeking applicants without previous degree.
People who already applied should reapply as there are new application forms.

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