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To manage the administration of your mobility you can use the student pages. Through this online application we also want to facilitate some important steps which need to be taken during your mobility. With this online application you can change your travel dates, personal information and all other needed information on your mobility. Through these pages you can share your experiences and questions with other students. During your mobility these student pages will evolve. If new information is available, we will publish it on these pages.
You can access it from here. Log-in with your email address and the password chosen for your application. In case you forgot this password, please send a message to 
Before you start your discovery tour through your student pages, we give you some guidance :
Student stories : 
Do you want to share your experiences with other Basileus students? Don't hesitate and publish your story on these student pages, you can even upload pictures. Please, be aware that all stories and pictures are checked by the Basileus team. Dubious content will be removed by the administrator.
Frequently asked questions :
If you cannot find the answer to your question on the Basileus website, you can ask it on this page. The Basileus team will provide an answer as soon as possible. All questions will be shared, so check this item regularly!
My mobility :
In this part you have an overview of all needed information on your mobility. You can change and add information on travel dates, passport number, bank account number.... You also have the possibility to upload several documents : your contract, learning agreement, transcript of records, boarding passes,...
This is the part where we ask your cooperation. It is very important to make sure all this information is correct, as we use it for insurance, payments, etc... So please, help us to simplify the administration of your mobility and fill out all needed information. 
Please keep in mind that all added/changed information must be correct and approved by your host or home university. You can't decide when you will start your mobility without advice and approval of the involved universities. Documents you upload must be legal and in case of contracts and other official letters must be signed by the involved parties.  
If you change or add information in here, the basileus team still needs to accept or reject it. When the basileus team has acted upon it, you will automatically receive an e-mail.

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