Key persons in ECTS

The information below is valid for all EU countries involved in the project. The Western Balkan countries are still in the process of setting up this structure, as they are not involved in the Erasmus programme yet.

Institutions are expected to designate an ECTS Institutional Coordinator, and an ECTS Departmental Coordinator for each department or faculty as appropriate.

Although the precise division of roles between institutional and departmental coordinators may vary from institution to institution, the responsibilities are generally as follows:

  •  The ECTS Institutional Coordinator ensures the commitment of the institution to and the implementation of ECTS principles and mechanisms within the context of the transfer and accumulation of credits. He/she supervises the mechanisms for the correct use of ECTS tools. He/she, along with the Departmental Coordinators, is responsible for ensuring the coordination, preparation, production and dissemination of the institutional Information Package/Course Catalogue, and also that the transfer/accumulation of credits is managed in a consistent manner throughout the university in all departments or faculties.
  • The ECTS Departmental Coordinator is the contact person for students and academic staff within the department or faculty, and deals with the practical and academic aspects of ECTS there. He/she should ensure that potentially mobile students have access to the Information Packages/Course Catalogues from partner institutions, that they fill in the Student Application Form and Learning Agreement properly and that they understand the academic recognition procedures. He/she ensures that a proper Transcript of Records is issued for outgoing students (before their period of study abroad) and for incoming students when they have completed their studies at the host department or faculty.  

It is up to the institution to decide the division of tasks between the ECTS Institutional and Departmental Coordinators and, according to their own organisation, which are the binding signatures which must be placed on the ECTS documents (Application Form, Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records). The decision must be indicated clearly on the forms, to guarantee validity and transparency.



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