Transcript of Records

The ECTS Transcript of Records is used to document the performance of a student over a certain period of time by listing the course units or modules taken, the credits gained, the local grades awarded and preferably the corresponding ECTS grades. It reflects both the quantity of work and the quality of achievement.

The Transcript of Records is used for mobility students at two separate moments. First it must be issued and sent to the host institution by the home institution for all outgoing students before their departure in order to provide information about the course units/modules that they already have completed and the results obtained. Secondly it must be issued and sent by the host institution to the home institution for all incoming students at the end of their period of study.

The Transcript of Records provides a standard format for recording all study activities carried out by students. It is an essential tool for academic recognition. Therefore, it is crucial to determine who is responsible for producing it and how it is issued and delivered. Institutions should pay special attention to training academic and administrative staff in the use of the Transcript of Records and the conversion of grades.

The achievements of all students, not only mobile students, can be handled systematically within a single computerised system in the Transcript of Records format. This will make it possible to insert an ECTS Transcript of Records in the Diploma Supplement issued to all graduating students, whether they were mobile or not.

Institutions are free to use their own version of the Transcript of Records provided that it contains the elements and follows the sequence suggested in the standard form provided. The use of the standard ECTS Transcript of Records is, however, recommended.

You can find a template for the standard ToR 

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