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  • Erasmus+ Credit Mobility is launched. If you are interested to go on a student exchange, please contact the international office of your home university to check out the possibilities.

  • „One Health“- interdisciplinary master study curriculum of the University of Sarajevo officially approved

    Senate of the University of Sarajevo on its 33rd session issued a decision and gave approval for interdisciplinary master study curriculum “One Health”, joint one year postgraduate study of the Veterinary Faculty, Medical Faculty and Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Sarajevo.

    The “One Health” curriculum has been developed and created through the TEMPUS Project (544182-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPCR) „Public health in the Western Balkans – improvement in the field of public health and development of a "One Health" educational and scientific architecture in Western Balkan countries“. Master study has been oriented towards one health concept, as well as labour market needs established through the realization of one of the project activities – The study of national/regional labour market needs and economy in the field of public health. Realization of the “One Health” master study has been planned for the 2015/2016 academic year.   

    The TEMPUS project itself represents international and interdisciplinary initiative with participation of University of Sarajevo, University of East Sarajevo and University „Hasan Pristina“ of Pristina as WB beneficiaries; and University of Milan (Coordinator), University of Barcelona, University of Porto and University of Ljubljana as EU partners. All participants in this project are represented by the associated faculties/institutes in the field of human and veterinary medicine. Along with the listed, in this project Higher Education Agency of B&H, Kosovo Accreditation Agency and WUS Austria participate as well.

    One Health concept means systematic integration of the relevant bio-medical and other sciences, according to that, stands out as the multi-justified solution to the challenges of today, related to the health development and welfare of all living beings, including quality of their environment.

    Within the framework of this project, an international congress will take place in Sarajevo, 14-16 October 2015 under the topic of: „One world – One Health – One vision”. This congress targets all professionals involved in matters of public health at all levels. For further information please check to congress website

  • Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia will soon be part of Erasmus+. More information can be found on the following link:


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