Basileus V

Associate partners

Associate partners play an active role in the project, but are no official partners. They do not receive funding from the European Commission.
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
  • University of Skhodra, Albania
  • King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium
  • University of Tuzla, Bosnia - Herzegovina
  • Roma Virtual Network, Israel
  • University in Mitrovica, Kosovo
  • SPARK, The Netherlands
  • University of Niš, Serbia

SPARK is an independent non-profit foundation and was founded in 1994. They build the capacity of local economic and educational institutions so they can empower their own populations. The organisation actively mobilises support for this, especially with economic and educational institutions. They adapt curricula of higher educational institutions to market needs in line with the Bologna reform agenda. SPARK also supports young entrepreneurs to start up their onw businesses by means of training, consultancy and micro-credit opportunities. They are working in these two areas and, more importantly, are forging a link between these two areas of expertise. In this way they are an excellent partner to spread information to different target groups and to contribute in the field of Bologna reforms and university-enterprise cooperation. SPARK has offices in Belgrade, Mitrovica, Prishtina and Skopje and Tuzla and they support business start-up centres in Bar, Bitola , Kragujevac, Prishtina and Zenica. SPARK has developed project in various parts in South East Europe.  

The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent public benefit foundation, which supports commitment to create greater justice, democracy and diversity in society. They therefore focus on activity domains on which they can make a difference. One of their activity domains is democracy in the Balkans. There is a clear synergy with the Basileus project as one of the important pillars in that domain is student mobility. In this sense, the KBF has carried out studies on student mobility, has launched a website "Scholarships for Western Balkans" with an overview of all scholarships available for students from the region and they have launched a call for proposals to hire extra staff in the region to promote student mobility.

The Roma Virtual Network (further: RVN) is a grass-roots initiative aimed to provide the international Roma community and friendly non-Roma organizations and individuals with useful information on Roma issues in variety of languages via the internet. The RVN will help to promote the calls towards Roma people via their mailing groups, related websites, online platform, Facebook page etc.

The University of Nis, the Polytechnic University of Tirana, the University in Mitrovica, University of Skhodra and The University of Tuzla are associate partner universities. The main role of those universities is to actively promote possibilities for Target Group 2 candidates.


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