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Managing an Erasmus Mundus master programme or any other programmes that are organized in an international context requires lots of administration. In order to make this administration as efficient as possible it has been decided to develop EConsort.

What is EConsort?
  1. EConsort is a webbased tool. It runs on any operating system and can thus be accessed from any location with internet.
  2. EConsort is a tool which combines all administrative aspects of Erasmus Mundus courses. Dossiers of students, scholars, teachers, applicants can all be managed with this tool. Course-curricula and course-organization, file archives, a series of reporting and communication tools (emails, public website, internal student information platform) all integrate fluently.
  3. EConsort is generic: for each consortium with its own needs and specifications, Econsort can be designed easily through a webbased interface. Database fields can be made and organized in forms and reports according to the users wishes. All this through online interfaces and not requiring high-skilled informaticians.

A brief overview of some possibilities of EConsort:
  1. Maintenance of website
  2. File archives
  3. Online application forms
  4. Online communication tools
  5. Dossier management of users / scholars / applicants / students
  6. Course management including course schedules, student curriculum, ECTS-xml outputs
  7. Easy in use: reporting, student evaluation
  8. Constantly growing in possibilities

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